Our commitments

We are building the first application dedicated to fighting sedentary lifestyles.
Our mission: to get as many people as possible walking around the world.
Launched in 2019, WeWard allows our users to reconnect with walking. Too often neglected, this activity is a soft and sound solution to health, ecological and local challenges.
By motivating our users to walk every day, we act in favour of well-being, local dynamism and against pollution. This is our raison d'être.
4 million motivated users
606 billion
kilometers walked by our users
97 million tonnes of CO2 saved
500 + satisfied partners
WeWard works!
The impact of the lockdown in March 2021
The French walk even more!
April 2021
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Where did the French go this summer?
In the midst of a global epidemic, French holidays have been greatly disrupted.
August 2020
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Fight against physical inactivity
The WeWard app increases the walking duration of its users by 24%.
December 2020
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Mobility and deconfinement
The French have returned to their usual level of walking during the lockdown
May 2020
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Who are we?

Our team of talents is young, dynamic and ambitious! We are all determined to develop the best app to increase your walking time. We love sharing our views, suggesting new ideas and we define the startup's priorities together.

We are very sensitive to the parity and diversity of profiles within the team in order to build a solution that makes everyone happy.

We work together to promote well-being from our Parisian offices.
The team
Yves - CEO
After his studies at Polytechnique and Berkeley, Yves immediately launched himself into entrepreneurship by creating a first startup specialized in driving in-store traffic. With two of his colleagues, Nicolas and Tanguy, he founded WeWard to tackle the problems caused by physical inactivity.
Tanguy - CDO
Engineer by training and co-founder of WeWard, Tanguy is an expert in data analysis and data science. He is multi-skilled as he developed the first front-end version of WeWard and also manages the monetization of the app.
Nicolas - COO
After 5 years of managing tech projects for many clients, including CAC 40 companies, Nicolas co-founded WeWard with Yves and Tanguy. His dual role as engineer and operations manager allows him to implement efficient processes for the development of the app.
Marie-Sophie - Growth Marketing
Marie-Sophie has analytical skills she developed during her studies at the University of Paris-Dauphine as well as during her experiences at Clipperton and in private equity. Thanks to her knowledge of the startup market, Marie-Sophie chooses the best strategies to grow the WeWarders community.
Marie-Charlotte - Business Development
Marie-Charlotte developed her commercial skills during her previous professional experiences at Essilor in France and in consulting at ODG in Singapore. In addition to her academic background at Sciences Po and ESSEC, Marie-Charlotte has a large network that she uses to build sustainable partnerships.
Aric - CTO
Before joining WeWard in 2020, Aric worked in software development at Apple, Aurora and Drive.ai for 10 years in the Silicon Valley.
Julien - CPO
Julien has worked as a front-end engineer for some of the biggest tech companies, including Apple and Samsung. After 8 years in San Francisco, Julien finally joined the WeWard adventure and continues to improve the app, bringing his valuable know-how.
Gabriel - International Development
Gabriel graduated from HEC Paris with a specialization in digital. After launching Leepse in 2019, a social network available in France and in the US, he joined WeWard to accelerate the app's international development.
+ 7 other enthusiasts

We are recruiting!

Do you want to live an entrepreneurial adventure? To join an innovative and growing start-up? To take part in strategic decisions and technical development? Then don't wait any longer and join the WeWard team!
Can't find any offers matching your profile? WeWard is always on the lookout for talent to join the team, so send us your CV! We will contact you if we have an opportunity for you.