270 Malagasy children can go back to school thanks to WeWard!

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Thanks to the commitment of its users, WeWard was able to join forces with the Secours Populaire association to rebuild a school destroyed by the cyclone season in Madagascar.

A devastating storm, a generous mobilization

How did such a mobilization come about?

14 months ago, a violent cyclone destroyed 80% of the school in Belambo, Madagascar. This was not the first time this village had been hit by a cyclone... In January 2022, the school was hit for the third time!

The Secours Populaire du Puy-de-Dôme Federation (SPF63 ) has been working on projects in Madagascar for more than 50 years.

The partnership between WeWard and Secours Populaire offered the possibility to the users of the application to use their wards in donations to offer a new school year in the best conditions to hundreds of Malagasy children.

Back in pictures :

270 children will have access to education again this September!

The fundraising campaign organized between March and September 2022 mobilized a large part of the WeWard community. Several tens of thousands of euros were redistributed to SPF to allow local children to go back to school! The funds raised were invested in the financing of the school's furnishings, water supply, the construction of its toilets and the solar electrification system.

The reconstruction work began on November 3 with the laying of the foundation stone.

Since January, the second phase of the project has been launched with the finishing work, school furniture and the fence.

The inauguration is planned for June 2023 with the presence of the Secours Populaire alongside the villagers and local representatives. For the 270 students, the long-awaited start of the school year is scheduled for September 2023.

‍"If someone gives you something, you should quickly say thank you very much" shouted the children of Belambo when the foundation stone of their future school was laid!

Anticipating a better future

In order to avoid further incidents, the reconstruction was carried out on a solid basis to withstand future weather events. Built to anti-cyclone and anti-earthquake standards, the Belambo school will also be a refuge for the villagers in case of new incidents!

Because education is the world's most powerful weapon, every gesture in its favor offers better prospects for tomorrow's world.

‍How totake part in humanitarian projects?

If you still want to convert your steps into donations, our application still gives you the opportunity to participate in the funding of many other projects.

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