A positive impact startup

What we do

Launched in 2019, WeWard is a company with a mission to (re)bring walking into the daily lives of as many people as possible, everywhere in the world. And yes, everywhere!

Why we do it

Walking is the easiest and most accessible physical activity to stay healthy. It is also the first 100% ecological, 100% free, 100% local way to travel!
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Company with a committed and innovative mission
+24% more running time generated
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600,000 tons of CO2 saved
Thousands of small businesses supported

A French startup that takes care of its employees

French Touch

WeWard is a startup created and domiciled in Paris, where most of its employees work. Our team of passionate people is young, dynamic and ambitious, determined to develop the best application possible!

A strong policy towards employees

We are very sensitive to inclusion, diversity and parity in our recruitment. Each employee participates in collective decisions, benefits from an internal training program and career development is discussed every 6 months.
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French Touch
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Pampered employees
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A relationship of trust with our users

Sharing the benefits

We share our profits with our users, generated through advertising or brand partnerships. At WeWard, the more we walk, the more we earn!

Protecting personal data

We scrupulously respect the legislation in force for the protection of personal data in the countries where we operate (the RGPD in the European Union). We do not sell any data of our users.

Propose quality partnerships

We are careful not to partner with companies that we believe would have a negative social or environmental impact.
More than 10 million euros to users
No sale of data
Quality partnerships
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An associative commitment at the heart of our activity

We propose to our users to convert their Wards into micro-donations to create concrete projects with numerous associations in the fields of humanitarian aid, animal protection, environmental protection, education, inclusion and many others. Already 600,000 euros have been donated.
600,000 euros to finance concrete projects
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popular relief
eden project
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cerebral palsy
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